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Dr. Jessica Buja hiking and mountains

Jessica Buja,

Telehealth Certification
Fall Prevention Certification

   Dr. Jessica Buja is the owner and founder of Mountain Range of Motion, LLC.  Jessica has been a licensed physical therapist for 20 years.  After graduating from UMASS Lowell she began working in Massachusetts at a skilled nursing facility and then at an outpatient physical therapy clinic. In 2004 she moved to Maine to enjoy the mountain views and outdoor activities.  At that time she worked at a skilled nursing facility as the lead physical therapist.  In 2007 she was awarded a Clinical Excellence Award from Genesis Rehab Services.

   In 2011 she accepted a position as the Physical Therapy Department Head at an outpatient neuro/ortho clinic. Along with performing patient care, she also held the position of Co-Chair of the Education Committee and the Chair of the Telehealth Committee. Jessica received a LEGACY Recognition Award in 2020 from Brightsprings Health Services for taking action on implementing  continuous care through telehealth services.  Jessica has always valued continuing education opportunities to ensure that she is able to provide evidence based patient care. In 2021 she completed training to become a Certified Telehealth Provider in Allied Health.

   Jessica has experience in treating a variety of orthopedic conditions including back, hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist and neck pain.  She has treated patients with sports injuries, fall injuries, and osteoarthritis as well as providing care to patients pre and post surgically.  She also has experience with wheelchair assessments and treating patients with neurological conditions including those that have sustained concussions and are experiencing headaches, decreased balance and dizziness.

   Jessica has participated in fundraising for the American Heart/Stroke Association and the Immune Deficiency Foundation.  She is presently an active volunteer for the Immune Deficiency Foundation.  Jessica has lived in New England throughout her life and knows how important it is to be able to get outside when the weather is nice and to make the best of the cold winters.  She enjoys skiing, hiking, gardening, and helping others get back to their favorite activities!  

 Education and Licensure

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology 1999

  • Dual minor in Clinical Laboratory Science and Psychology

  • University of Massachusetts Lowell

  • Master of Science in Physical Therapy 2001

  • University of Massachusetts Lowell

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy 2005

  • University of Massachusetts Lowell

  • Licensed Physical Therapist in the State of Maine

  • Licensed Physical Therapist in the State of New Hampshire

  • Licensed Physical Therapist in the State of Massachusetts

  • Physical Therapist- Interim Telehealth Registration in the State of Vermont

  • Certified Telehealth Provider: Allied Health (CTH-AH)

  • Certified Fall Prevention Specialist (CFPS)

  • Qualified Brain Injury Support Provider (QBISP)

  • Member of American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) since 1999

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